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What is Mansiondeal?

Mansiondeal is an online marketplace that specializes in real estate, rentals, homestays and land.It connects and empowers people by helping them monetize their spaces while promoting tourism. Mansiondeal connects travellers with awesome places to stay from - homes to homestays.

How to find a home, land or homestay

Mansiondeal has new listings of homes, land and homestays everyday.You can choose what you are looking for on the homepage and enjoy all the services offered by Mansiondeal and its affiliates.

How to list my property

You can list your property on mansiondeal by following a few simple steps:
1. Click on list your property bar on your menu.
2. You have to be logged in to continue or create an account if you don't have one.
3. Choose a solution that fits your business.
4. Select the property you want to list (home, hotel, land or homestay)
5. Fill the property information and upload pictures of your property
That's it, you are done! .

How to access the ads that I have listed

You can access the ads that you have listed on mansiondeal incase you want to edit (add more pictures) or delete.Follow the steps below:
1. Click on My Account bar on your menu.
2. You have to be logged in to continue to the next step
3. Select My Ads option
4. Select which account you want to access (Home, Land or Homestay account) .