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How to sell your house in Kenya

Technology has revolutionized the way we interact and communicate.This is guide on how to sell more effectively.

1. Fix everything

It'a always advisable to get an inspection done so that you can get a report on what is working and what is not.Fixing your house gives you an edge during negotiations and every buyer out there is looking for a perfect house that is well mantained.Here is why you should have your home inspected.

2. Price your property right.

Do you know how many houses like yours are on the market? The answer is thousands.The reason why you should not overprice a home is simple. It won’t sell!Dont scare of your buyers just get your home valued by a professional if you can't get it right yourself. Here is what happens when you overprice your house.

3. Find the perfect agent

It is not necessary to use an agent but its recommended especially when you know nothing about the real estate market.If you decide to sell it yourself then make sure that you use the right channels to connect to your potential buyers.If you decide to use an agent then you should ensure you get an experienced agent who has been in the industry long enough and has closed multiple deals.

4. Advertise your house

Most homebuyers begin a home search online so digital advertising is very effective in this market.Your listing should reach as many people as possible for you to sell your house fast and for the desired amount.You should advertise in multiple listing websites like Mansiondeal and also use social media platforms like Facebook and instagram to reach even more buyers.

5. Take great picture

I cannot stress enough on the importance of high quality pictures on your listings.listing with pictures attracts a lot more attention than one without.Houses without pictures are often passed up immediately. Why? Well, imagine that you are looking for a new house and you are online checking out what’s available in your desired area. Would you bother to click on a listing with no pictures? Your first thought might be, “Why are there no pictures? What’s wrong with this house?” — and that’s exactly what might happen to you if you are the seller or listing agent.

6. Write a perfect Listing description

They key is not to lie because the buyers is going to find out anyway.This may seem like a no-brainer, but your real estate listing description should be accurate.You should own up to the house's flaws or shortcomings and turn them into positives or offer suggestions to fix them.Be descriptive without going too crazy. Remember, people can tell when the words are trying too hard.Lastly use good grammar and try as much as you can to sound formal.

7. Target the right people

Targeting car buyers or people who are looking for rentals with your house listing is only going to cost you money.Don't waste your time and money on the wrong audience.Ensure that you target the right people either on listing websites or social media platforms.You can broaden you audience if you have enough money to pay for your advertising but it is not very effective.

8. Sell at the right time

Choosing the perfect time to sell is key.But, the decision to move is often a personal one. It’s important to take other factors into account like your financial situation, the current condition of your home, if you plan to make any improvements, and whether or not local market conditions are in your favor.Holiday breaks are perfect because people are free to come and see your house.

9. Paint your house

Tired, old homes can be given a makeover with a simple fresh coat of paint. This can not only make your property look more modern and appealing, but it can also potentially increase its property value. Both interior and exterior paint jobs can lead to great Returns On Investment (ROIs). A newly painted home will be worth more and it may also attract a higher number of buyers.

10. Make it experiential

When you show your home, you're trying to present it in the best possible light so buyers will be able to imagine themselves living there and be eager to buy. Since buying a home can be a decision based more on feeling than on logic, try to make your home appealing to potential buyers by engaging all five senses.


Follow these tips to sell your house fast and if you need any professional help just talk to us.Email:support@mansiondeal.com

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